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Raising money for MND

Hi. My name is Chris.

I am confined to a wheelchair. My goal is to raise as much money for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) as possible. MND has no cure at all. I do not have Motor Neurone Disease.

I am wheeling 50 km per month to raise funds for MND. Please see Pictures of my Routes page for pictures of my routes

I set up this website to create awareness for MND and for me to hopefully raise as much money as possible for this cause. I am spurred after losing a work colleague, Jen Simko, who sadly died from MND. Please see links below to learn more about MND, which currently has NO CURE:

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My exercise routes

Following pictures are some of the routes I go on to contribute to the target of 50km per month.


Many thanks to the companies below who have helped me with my fundraising/promoting for MND.